-My name is Chris Thurman. I have bought 3 vehicles from MARLIN MOTORS in the last 9 years !! MARLIN MOTORS is an HONEST dealership. They really strive to take care your NEEDS. I will only buy a car or truck from MARLIN MOTORS.

     Chris Thurman


-My name is Isaiah and i was lookin for a SUV with a 3rd row seat so i could transport my family for under $5000. With low miles. I was having a tough time finding one until i went to Marlin Motors. I drove a 2004 Ford Explorer for $3990, it drove perfect. I gave them a $500 refundable deposit to take it over night, and get it check by my mechanic. It checked out and i came back and paid $3990 and was amazed that it came with a 90 day warranty for dat price. The owner and sales people were friendly and honest! I actually enjoyed buying my truck from Marlin Motors. I highly recommend Marlin Motors to anyone!


-I am 27 year old single mom, that struggles to make ends meat. I know nothing about cars, or buying a car. I just got my tax return, and I had $3000 to spend on a car. So my next step was to find a place that sold $3000 cars. I only found one car lot that sold inexpensive cars with good reviews, and that was Marlin Motors. I had my friend drive me down because i didn't have transportation. We got to Marlin Motors right at closing, and were amazed that there three sets of other customers buying cars. I immediately felt like I was in good place to buy my car. I bought a 2007 Ford Taurus SE for $3000 out the door with a warranty. If you have tax return or a limited budget, go to Marlin Motors.


-Hello, I'm Greg. I am a E-5 in the Navy. I needed to find a good car for a cheap price. I was on the internet and i was looking for a good used car dealer that has inexpensive cars. I stumbled upon Marlin Motors Wholesale Inc. They had 136 reviews with 4.7 out of 5 star rating. I looked for another used car dealer that sells at whole sale prices, with good reviews, and could not find any. So I went to Marlin Motors. My experience was great. The people there were very nice, and honest. They have a Navy Federal HOTLINE, they got my approval within minutes. I went down to the Sabre Rd. branch, and picked up my check. I was driving driving my new 2005 Toyota Camry XLE within an hour of walking in the front door. THERE ARE NO HASSLES HERE, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MARLIN MOTORS WHOLESALE!!!


-Hi, my name is Ian. I am in the military and was lost in my adventure of trying to buy a car. I went to several dealers and realized how difficult it is. They see a young military guy and they want to take advantage of you. NOT at Marlin Motors. Marlin Motors whole sale has a 20 year relationship with navy federal credit union. They called Navy Federal on their HOTLINE. They had my approval in 15 minutes, went to the local branch to pick up my check. I was driving my car one hour later!!! They also have WARRANTIES on all their vehicles. Theres a reason why they have a 4.7 out of 5 star rating for expertise, professionalism, price, and product! I bought a 2004 Honda Accord EX for $3990. I enjoyed bing my car from Marlin Motors and recommend anyone to go to Marlin Motors Wholesale!


-congrats on the new location Jeff, this is the 3rd car i have bought from marlin motors in the past 9 years. I bought a 2006 Nissan Altima for $3909 , what a great deal! I got a 90 day warranty free of charge. our car buying experience was awesome!!!!! Marlin Motors has been in business for 20 years. They are REAL, HONEST AND GREAT TO WORK WITH.


-As soon as I walked in the door we met Jeff fox ,the owner. he seemed to be very nice and kind . NO PRESSURE! He showed us several Hondas and Toyotas that were really, REALLY nice. Some of them were garaged kept since new. They offered me the opportunity to have the Honda I picked out checked out by a mechanic and to take it over night for 24 hours! anyway the Honda checked out great with my mechanic. I purchased the Honda Accord LX the next day. I felt very comfortable with MARLIN MOTORS WHOLESALE!!!!!! I highly recommend this company !!!!!!


-I bought a 2001 Honda Accord, there was no pressure, we had it checked out by mechanic, and it was a very stress-free Transaction..... I highly recommend this dealership. There were also very personable!!!!


-I just bought a 2005 Honda Civic from Marlin motors Inc.. I have had several bad experiences before with other dealerships, not with Marlin Motors. They are professional and reliable. They allowed me to take the vehicle that we were interested in to a mechanic and have a completely checked out, which he did check out except for a small problem. Marlin motors corrected that problem and sold me the car. I also got a 90 day warranty with the purchase. We were so happy with the purchase, I referred my niece to Marlin motors. Jeff Fox took supreme care of my family. She bought a 1998 Honda Accord. She also had her car checked out, and it did check out. She also got a 90 day warranty. We got our hard tags one week later after the purchase in a very timely fashion. We highly recommend Marlin motors for anybody to buy a used car. They will not pressure you, but they will educate you about buying a used car. They strive to make you happy and comfortable. Our car buying experience was a very pleasurable one!!!! They were also very knowledgeable about navy federal credit union and their procedures. We got our loan approved within minutes and an hour later we went to the navy federal credit union branch and picked up our navy federal credit union draft. If you go to Marlin motors, you will not regret it!!!


-In September 2013, my wife and I recently purchased a 2005 Nissan Altima from Marlin Motors. Our experience with Marlin Motors was positive. My wife and I were interested in a small second car that was affordable and fuel-efficient. We initially found a Mitsubishi Eclipse on their website. However, after a test drive, we realized that it wasn’t suitable for us. Jeff recommended the ’05 Nissan Altima, we test drove it and loved it! Looking back, we appreciate that there was no pressure to buy or try to steer us. Jeff allowed us to look and test drive different vehicles without hovering over our shoulder unlike traditional dealerships. In fact, he offered to let us take the car overnight to ensure we would be happy! Throughout the whole buying process, Jeff and Glen were both friendly and eager to help. Jeff even called a few weeks later to follow up and see how the car is doing. I know this review is late (sorry, Jeff!) it’s been over a month, the car is great and my wife and I are happy!


-Ihave been looking for an inexspenive car for my daughter for 3 months. I've been to 15 or more used car dealerships, most of them had cars priced $6000 or more. FINALLY, we found MARLIN MOTORS!!!! Marlin Motors has a selection of 50 cars priced from $2500-$6000. Better yet, they come with a 90 day WARRANTY.....WOW. MARLIN MOTORS also offered to let me take the car overnight to have it checked out by a mechanic, so I did. Jeff, Bryan, and Glenn are friendly....NO PRESSURE. My car buying experience was great!!!! They also have a 20 year realationship with NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION, I called NAVY FEDERAL on their hotline, got approved in 30 minutes, on the phone, and picked up a check in 15 minutes from the Lynhaven branch. MARLIN MOTORS has it going on!!!! They also took care of my title , tags, taxes!!! If anyone says anything negative about Marlin Motors, it's probably the competition.

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